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M9 Tuner (DVB-C)
Tuner for Miraclebox 9 HD compatible with Cable (DVB-C).

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EAN: 7350057990612

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Best possible quality - made by Samsung!

Changable tuner for Miraclebox 9 HD for Cable networks (DVB-C). Can receive both SD- and HD-channels.

Easily connected by Plug & Play - just open the cover of the receiver and change your tuner.
Loopthrough out:
Frequency Range:

IF Bandwidth:

Symbolrate in:
IEC 169-2, Female
IEC 169-2, Male
50MHz ~ 1GHz
16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM(for Annex A/C)
64, 256 QAM(for Annex B)
8 MHz(-3dB) TYP(for Annex A/C)
6 MHz(-3dB) TYP(for Annex B)
1 Msps ~ 7 Msps(for Annex A/C)
5.057 Msps(for 64QAM, Annex B)
5.361 Msps(for 256QAM, Annex B) - Homepage | Frequent Questions (FAQ) | About Miraclebox | Contact us
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