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New software - V2.11.30 2012-12-20
Available for Miraclebox 6, 6 Plus, 7 and 9 HD. Available at the Download section.

Release notes V2.11.30
- Menu - Configuration - A/V Output Setting: Power Saving in Standby Mode :  OFF : normal Standby, ON : Deep Standby
- Boxer CI+ CAM shoule be working in non CI+ channel with normal SW : Solved
- Standby function changes: 1 x Power Button Normal Standby, 2 x Power Button Deep Standby
- Slowmotion function improved (Start with << >> Button, Stop with Play Button)
- Overlap Timer-Recordings without Pause
- Timer not working when freeTV is being used : Solved
- Blindscan & Auto Search function improved
- Auto Find function improved -  Service Search : Auto Find with RED Button
- Upgraded Shortcut menu - New Icon and Style is adapted
- Internet Radio+ more categories like Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, etc..: INFO Button for add. more category
- FreeTV+ improvements
- InternetTV+ improvements
- Weather Forecast working and updated list
- Subtitle freeze fixed
- Timeshift bug fixed
- Working address for downloading softwares etc directly from miraclebox
- Fixed “slow, freezing, and hang-up” matters
- Many hangup points fixed
- Network bug fixed for plugin.
- Tricolor CAM Neotion CI+ Support add.
- Plugin API 1.16.1 adapted
- New bootlogo
- Unification of menu item name in different language : Changed
   - Applications -> Plugin
- Can not access to NAS equipment via DLNA : Solved
- Dolby Digital + is not working in Timeshift : Solved

CI+ Related SW Versions:
- CI+ improvements
- Boxer and ComHem CI+ CAMs working again
- GOM Player CI+ playback recording files bug fix.
- FTA Channel recordings are neither encrypted nor has a retention limit

DLNA (DMS) Updated:
- Supported file Format avi, divx, wmv, mp4(m4v), mkv, flv, mpg(mpeg), ts(m2ts), vob, mov, xvid mp3, m4a, wma, wav, ogg, flac, aac, ac3
      3.image: jpg
- Uncertificated file Format : mts, m2t, 3gp, asf : asf, fla, flc, m4p, pcm - Homepage | Frequent Questions (FAQ) | About Miraclebox | Contact us
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